Online tutoring platform by Tutee

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Real time

Receive and watch all information as soon as they are distributed


Makes it easy to communicate by writing, drawing and sharing


Allows users to share and work on the same documents


Gives users the opportunity to communicate through speech and gestures

Text messages

Lets the users communicate through text if needed

Cloud based

Services available for users on demand via the Internet


The platform works in all browsers without any installation


Smooth and stable to use on all devices.


Fits technologies such as ERP, CRM, SSO and API etc.


Customisation combined with professional user experience design
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Many class module (August 2017)

Live chat

Live chat with other students and mentors through voice chat and text messages

User enrolment

Control on user enrolments

Course management

Course management with smart matching


Booking and scheduling modules

User roles

Define specific user roles

And much more...

  • Personalised dashboard
  • User management
  • Define specific user roles
  • Generate user activity reports
  • Full user logging and tracking

  • Collaborative tools and activities
  • Chat with other students
  • Create forum
  • Advanced live help portal with smart match to FAQ and live tutors

  • Lesson module
  • Journal module
  • Multiple choice module
  • Quiz module
  • Survey module
  • Text, presentation and sheet module
  • Assignment module
  • Max security via extensive logging & automated real-time surveillance